My Services

Guiding you in Finances and Investments in Africa

DCK is your one-stop-shop for doing business in Mozambique and your entrance door to get a much better understanding on how to position your business in Africa. DCK serves entrepreneurs, investors and local communities providing the best advices in the finance and investment areas.

International Sales Representative

DCK Africa can represent your company in Africa, acting as your sales division in the African market.


From personal to business finance, DCK will provide you the tools for you to have control over your finances and get financial freedom to become wealthier.


DCK will provide you with the most accurate analysis on the best areas to invest, how to prepare your business for investors and to position yourself to succeed in business.

Regulatory Environment

Following the blog and the information that DCK will make available to you, on a regular basis, you will be updated in the most recent changes in the regulatory framework that may affect your business.

E-mail me if you want advices “tailored” to you!

There no “one fits all” advice when it comes to finance and investments. I know it and that’s why we shall have the opportunity to work together on a solution that works better for you.