Business Plan Step by Step

The Business Plan is a document that serves as an instrument for the entrepreneur or business management team to communicate a business idea in order to carry out the subsequent sale or obtain financing. It can be considered as a tool for internal use of the company/entrepreneur, allowing the evaluation of the feasibility of their ideas and their applicability.

Here are the elements you should consider when designing a Business Plan:

1. Synthetic description of the idea to be developed and the project to be implemented

2. Market Analysis

  • Target market
  • Competitor analysis
  • Studies and segmentation of the market in which one intends to operate
  • Legal framework of the country where you intend to deploy the company / business
  • Marketing Strategy and Sales Company
  • Distribution network of the product / service
  • Sales forecast of the new business to be placed on the market
  • Value chain
  • Main commercial and marketing risks

3. Products and Services

  • Product description
  • Life cycle
  • Intellectual property (trademarks, patents and other protections of the business to be created)
  • Development effort
  • Competitive advantages and disadvantages related to the product or service
  • Most significant risks of the product or service

4. Production, Development, and Operations

  • Investigation and development
  • Production, distribution and quality control processes
  • Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages of the Company’s Development and Operations
  • Most significant risks that will have to be mitigated

5. Management and Organization

  • Mechanisms of corporate governance
  • Organizational Structure and Organization Chart
  • Company management team
  • Skills necessary for the success of the company
  • Evaluation and compensation model
  • Critical risks to the staff

6. Ownership and Control

  • Company statutes (published in the National Gazette in case of Mozambique)
  • Legal and control framework
  • Domain of the external shareholders
  • Composition of the board of directors of the company
  • Mechanisms of performance evaluation

7. Financial Information

  • Treasury budget
  • Provisional income statements
  • Map of Needs in Working Capital
  • Financial plan
  • Map of Origins and Applications of Funds
  • Projected balance sheets
  • Elements of evaluation (project and company)
  • Simulation and sensitivity analysis
  • Evaluation of development options

A well-crafted business plan is important, allowing you:

  • To base whether it is worth pursuing with the business (feasibility analysis)
  • Analyse how all elements of the business work together
  • Describe the integrated functioning of the network of stakeholders needed to pursue the business
  • Articulate the company’s core strategy to stakeholders (from equity holders to employees)

Once you have completed the preparation of the Business Plan, the entrepreneur should ask about:

  1. Realism of business;
  2. The fact that this Business Plan is convincing so that potential partners agree to participate;
  3. If you are interested in participating, what would be the degree of (de)motivation for the project?
  4. The level of acceptance of the product or service by customers;
  5. The entrepreneur’s ability to motivate clients and partners so that the business is stable and profitable;
  6. The fact that the Business presents an innovation;
  7. Registration of intellectual property to ensure that no multinational will take ownership of the idea of this business/company.

In order to ensure the sustainability of your company or business, it must be positioned in a value chain that will identify business opportunities and ensure a better revenue stream.

Always remember that those who do not know where they want to go will never leave where they are.

Your Business Plan is the starting point for you to evaluate your idea.

This document can be changed as many times as the entrepreneur or the management of the company deems necessary, so that it always fits the reality of the Market.

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