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DCK serves entrepreneurs, investors and local communities providing the best advices in the finance and investment areas.


International Sales Representative

DCK Africa can represent your company in Africa, acting as your sales division in the African market.


From personal to business finance, DCK will provide you the tools for you to have control over your finances and get financial freedom to become wealthier.


DCK will provide you with the most accurate analysis on the best areas to invest, how to prepare your business for investors and to position yourself to succeed in business.

Regulatory Environment

Following the blog and the information that DCK will make available to you, on a regular basis, you will be updated in the most recent changes in the regulatory framework that may affect your business.

Supporting Local Projects

Everything begins with a seed and grows with faith that will become the concretization of our dreams. I would like to invite you to take few minutes of your time and read about the projects that we care. You will be fascinated with their potential and by supporting them you will be raising the future entrepreneurs and African leaders.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.” – Acts 20:35

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Domingos Mazivila

Economic Advisor


Denise Cortês-Keyser is a high skilled management executive with tremendous business development potential. Denise has a deep grasp of SMEs and brother enterprise development in challenging environments, she is an excellent deal maker with strong leadership skills.

Otília Pacule

Project Developer & Corporate Affairs


Denise can plan, create, and market Any business content and build a global presence for the organization/company. She’s an excellent writer with a facility for translating technical information into engaging content. She has used her knowledge of the business and economic matters both to popularize CTA and several industries and to develop business dialogue, workshops and debates on busies issues. She has her finger on the pulse of business trends and provides content that’s both useful and captivating to industrials.

Anne-Marie Chidzero

Co-Founder and Principal Partner – Alitheia Identity Managers


Denise is a passionate, professional, hard working individual and I would not hesitate to recommend her any position or partnership.

Lyne Landry

Executive Director, Head of Impact & Development Finance – ThirdWay Africa Partners


Denise and I collaborate on a few occasions during her time with ACIS. It was always a pleasure working with her and from my experience she is a connector with an extensive network and knows how to open doors to move projects forward. She has a gentle but persuasive way of convincing people to work with her towards a goal that she has set.

Tracy Wyman



I worked very closely with Denise when she was the executive director of ACIS, the biggest business association in Mozambique. I found her vision, energy and passion for the work of the association inspiring. Denise does not struggle with difficult decisions, but she is a team player. She is skilled at setting direction and then bringing people on board to take things forward in different areas under her supervision. She sets clear objectives, has high expectations, and supports team members to achieve the vision she sets together. I would not hesitate to work with Denise again.


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There no “one fits all” advice when it comes to finance and investments. I know it and that’s why we shall have the opportunity to work together on a solution that works better for you.